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What is it all about?

Little Code – Unplugged Coding for Kids (Available in English & Afrikaans) is going to take you on a term-by-term journey to teach your little ones how to code. Unplugged coding focuses on teaching concrete lessons to your little ones to understand what coding is through play. All our lessons will be play-based while still focusing on the development of the skills you need to be a successful coder.
No Electronics are Required!

With our easy-to-follow lesson planning, there is no need for additional teaching resources and any of your teacher will be able to present the lesson content.
Unplugged Coding for kids introduces coding and programming through engaging games that only use blocks, crayons, balls, and no technology at all. For younger students, teachers can skip the detailed concepts of computer coding and give them a better understanding of basic computer science knowledge and inspire them for future exploration.
(Includes FREE Certificate of Completion per Term)

How to use Little Code? Each week we are going to give you a lesson, each lesson will contain a lesson plan, vocabulary and activity instructions.
Do I/We Need any Computers/Tablets to present or teach this? No. All the lessons are hands on using practical & real-life items that can either be found around you, or are available in the course content. (You will only need to print certain pages from the curriculum)

Benefits of coding include: Critical Thinking skills, Risk Taking, Problem solving, Math Process, Self-confidence, Story telling and retelling, Creativity, Perseverance, Teamwork, Logical Thinking Skills

What is the lesson content like?

Lessons are broken down into easy to follow weekly lessons with detailed instructions for teachers to allow them and the children to get the most out of this unique program.

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Do we offer courses?

We offer a short course in The Basic Principals of Teaching Unplugged Coding in the Preschool. This course goes hand-in-hand with the already available Lesson Plans for Unplugged Coding for Kids.

Available in English & Afrikaans, this short course designed to empower teachers with the knowledge and skills to introduce unplugged coding and robotics activities in the preschool classroom. In this course, we will explore creative ways to teach coding concepts without the need for screens or electronic devices.

By engaging preschoolers in hands-on activities, we aim to foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and computational thinking skills.

Course Objectives:

Understand the principles of unplugged coding and its importance in early childhood education.

Explore various unplugged coding activities suitable for classroom settings.
Learn how to integrate unplugged coding activities into existing curriculum areas.

This course is 100% online, you do not need to attend any classes and it can be completed whenever you want*, using your PC, Tablet or Mobile.

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